Monday, October 24, 2011

More recent books I have read

From Fear to Freedom
Rose Marie Miller

This book was recommended to me by a dear pastor. It was a gem. I came away from this book with a greater view of my place in the Kingdom of God. I would recommend this book to Christians whether they are new in the Kingdom or have been Christians for decades. This book can give you a view of the Lord that in the daily grind is lost or put aside. It has blessed my walk with Christ greatly.

Smart Moves
Carla Hannaford

This was a good book on learning and how to view things from a child's perspective with reading aloud versus silent reading. I could go on and on about examples that were beneficial. It is a book I recommend to teachers, parents and advocates. It gives a treasury of information a must read for anyone interested in education.

Lonestar Angel
Colleen Coble

I enjoyed this story greatly. It was suspenseful throughout and kept me guessing for 2/3rds of the story. It was a good blend of who was their child and who sent them there. I also enjoy series where you can see previous characters in supporting roles. It helps me determine whether their story is one that I would enjoy reading. I find Colleen Coble's style of writing to be varied, her ideas are to be realistic and make for exciting reads. Whether modern or historic her mysteries are ones that I wish to both rush through and hate to see end. It is always a treasure to see how people cling to the Lord during the hard times and this book is no exception to placing God as the one who leads. Ms. Coble's characters are always believable and promote the best in Christian community. I would recommend this book to people and any other book written by Colleen Coble.

Growing Up Amish
Ira Wagler

I enjoyed this book for a multitude of reasons. One big reason is the insight provided by Mr. Wagler of what the Amish life is like. There was a complete honesty and simplicity in his thinking about home. The question always before him was can he ever really leave home. The bigger and greater reason for staying with his story was the triumphant end - coming to a Christ who is home and salvation. It is a true prodigal coming home as many are going home to the Christ who saves. The saddest thing was the gentleman who shared the savior to Mr. Wagler, and Mr. Wagler grace in dealing with loosing this friend. It is a great show of the Lord salvation because when Mr. Wagler would not do as his friend wanted Mr. Wagler faith continued to grow and change his life. Throughout the slower parts of his story he successful wove in the knowledge that something was coming. The big life altering something of Jesus the Christ. Thank you Mr. Wagler for the glimpse into the Amish mystique and again our great God and Savior.

Cozy in Kansas: In the Dead of Winter/Bye, Bye Bertie/For Whom the Wedding Bell Tolls
Nancy Mehl

I read this series out of order. Each one was a standalone book and enjoyable. I read all three because it was such an enjoyable world to join. The people were precious and every character was a welcome addition to the stories. It was almost a shame that one of those people could do wrong. And yet as art imitates life that is the very truth. People are fallen and no matter how kind people are those apart from Christ there is no hope.

There Goes Santa Claus (Ivy Towers Mystery #4) (Heartsong Presents Mysteries #33)
Nancy Mehl

Hoping there is more to come in this series, although reality says this was the last. I loved this series and will miss these characters. I was glued to this book. In my mind I was thinking of all the 'past events' in Winter Break. I found it to be an easy read, fast and enjoyable along with great dialog and fun story line. I am glad that Nancy Mehl is still creating new characters, towns and mysteries.

Little Faith
OF Walton

This was a beautifully written book. I am so glad that books like this are available today they are a much needed breathe of fresh air to impart vicarious lessons about life and the love of Christ.

The Shunning
Beverly Lewis

This is the first book by Beverly Lewis I read. I enjoyed this story and was able to read all of the series quickly since I was a late comer to the series. It started me reading all of her series. I enjoyed the series and found it well written and highlights the best in a people. It is definitely written by someone who has a great love for these people. I have to say that it is a simpler lifestyle that resonates with me most and I acknowledge that I prefer a slower pace. I will keep going back to this simpler life in books.

The Confession
Beverly Lewis

I really enjoyed this book and thought it was well written and a seamless continuation of the first book. It was able to grab my attention quickly. I read it so quickly that it blends with the last in the series more than it does any other series I have read. The characters and lifestyle are believable. The transition to the modern world was believable along with the pull to both worlds.

The Thorn
Beverly Lewis

Beverly Lewis is a gifted storyteller. I enjoyed the story line about Rose who was a young woman with a love for her lifestyle and family. She has a heart for her sister who left the community and went into the world and was now facing marital issues that are heartbreaking to her family. The only real problem I had with the book is that it would seem, thus far, that the only faith real is Amish faith. Yes, one growing up in the Amish community would believe this. However, this idea is sadly not true. There are many Amish communities that are legalistic and live by separate rules made by man instead of the Bible. Many of the interpretation the Amish live by are poor. There is also the variety of modern things allowed or not allowed. Rubber tires on their bikes, versus no rubber. For a story that is stressing the love of God and community these things would be best omitted. There was a time in previous stories that authentic faith was always separate from Amish religious life. Sadly this is a new angle and seems to be a corner one would not want to go to. Aside from these things this story is an easy read and the characters are enjoyable.

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