Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The book that influenced me the most

Today's Gospel
Walter Chantry

To date this book continues to influence the way I talk to people about the Lord and what I specifically say. It cuts to the heart of how poorly I viewed what Christ did and how I spoke about the Gospel. It was as if Rev. Chantry was speaking to me. I enjoyed the learning of the major and slight flaws we make when telling others about Christ. His book made me realize it is so much more than I can ever express and yet so necessary to try to put into words what the Lord did do and accomplish. Truly a book that would allow almost anyone who does not know the Lord to crave the way of salvation He provided. It was a book that truly influenced my faith when I was a new believer and still does today. One of the most important things I learned from Rev. Chantry was state what the Bible really says not what people think it says and always remember the gospel is not my standard of measurement but God's standard.

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