Monday, December 5, 2011

Junior's is a real treat!

Alan Rosen, Beth Allen

I have always considered it as fun to go to Junior's in New York. The food and cookbook are intertwined from the orange and white strips on both to the fantastic food Junior's is one of a kind. The recipes are wonderful looking and fun to read through the cookbook. I have another cookbook from 2 years earlier. The deserts are one of the best things at Juniors. Even when the dessert is not my kind of treat they are always good looking. I am grateful for the opportunity to go through this cook book. Thank you net galley for allowing me to review this treat!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

An Author That Has Resurfaced

A Time of Peace
Barbara Cameron

This was a story that is third in a series. A unique concept in the fact that seldom do people convert to the Anabaptist faith.  The author does a credible job of making it work with all the things a person in the modern world would fail at. Especially defending a loved one. While reading I found the story to be big on relationships. It seemed at times that the reality of Amish life was missing: preaching, church authority (hard to believe that outside converts would not be watched closely for help and continuing to assure the brethren that they were following the Ordung and those raised in the Anabaptist faith are know to have -cousins. I understand that these were not the focus of the story. I remember Barbara Cameron from my teenage years and the moving stories she wrote, I learned from the start that books can be very real with endings that are not simplistic. I found the overall story to be enjoyable and always a reminder that the only things important in life are faith and family. I am thankful to NetGalley for this opportunity to read and review this book.