Tuesday, May 22, 2012

One of my favorite authors

Derek W. H. Thomas

In Acts professor of Practical Theology and Reformed Theological Seminary Derek Thomas examines the book of Acts section by section highlighting specific points of historical and theological interest. Lucid, succinct, and eminently accessible, Thomas' writing brings the history of the early church to life through unpacking their teaching and charting the events that so defined the apostolic church and their faithful witness to Christ.
 This is a great series. Derek Thomas is a great source of Biblical thought and understanding. I have enjoyed everything that Rev. Thomas has written. This is book is no exception. This was a great walk through a book of the Bible that details the start of the Christian Church since Jesus lived and died. It is a powerful reminder of the trials that these men went through and the place of woman in the church. It was a detailed walk through how the church was built upon Christ. It was exciting to turn the page to discover some forgotten and some new gems of the this book that Dr. Thomas brings out.   

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