Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A Glimpse at Dear Friends

Bluebonnet Brides: A Butterfly Palace Short Story

Colleen Coble

Book Summary: Escaping a forced engagement, Elli sought refuge in an arranged, mail-order marriage. Her betrothed is a Texan named Nathan White. As she glimpses her future husband and his darling niece at the train station, she instantly knows her risk will prove the best decision she's ever made. Nathan White never took an interest in marriage until he became the guardian of four-year-old Hannah. He’s arranged a mail order wife to love and care for his orphaned niece. But his mind changes when he first sees the beautiful Elli Korpela. After a glorious wedding ceremony in the gardens of a place called Butterfly Palace—the grandest estate Elli's ever seen—a peaceful beginning takes a disquieting turn. An intruder brutally attacks Elli. Nathan intervenes, but the devil escapes unidentified, leaving Elli to face two chilling possibilities: either the attack was arranged by strike workers in Nathan's employ or her shadowy past followed her across the sea. As the danger mounts, Elli and Nathan must face their enemy together, fighting for their newfound marriage—and for their lives.

Review: I love revisiting previous characters and this novella is just the right touch of tying up loose ends and bringing us back in touch with beloved characters. I liked Nathan from Butterfly Palace and grew to really like his character in Bluebonnet Brides. The mystery was a nice touch to keep me off center to the changes being made in the lives of Hannah and Nathan. Hannah has grown into a nice young girl and it was great to see how wonderful Belle has become. I hope that Belle someday gets her own story. I fully appreciate the glimpse into these characters through this short story. No big surprises other than how dear the characters are.
I would like to thank Book Look Bloggers and Thomas Nelson Fiction for allowing me to read and review this book in return for a free copy and I was never asked to write a favorable review by anyone.

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